Some more coverage of our Trans* Pride Brighton weekend event, from Latest News. Please share! Still buzzing from such a feel-good event. Thanks to everyone who made it and we hope to see the rest of you next year!

"transexual community"

See if you can spot me! Had such a good weekend, thanks so much to the organizers. Also, loved how the ITV coverage juuuuuust about cut out the footage of the queer resistance banner.

I look straight down the fucking camera omfg


thought this was a useful infographic


thought this was a useful infographic

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Don’t / Pass

A photography series outlining the trivial nature of gender expression and perceptions for ftm transgender individuals in a western cisnormative environment


WATCH: The Official Trailer for “Assigned Sex,” a controversial story about gender and culture in America through the eyes of transgender people of color. MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR OCTOBER 16! 

Anonymous asked: would genderqueer/agender people be considered "Trans" or would that be offensive towards trans people?


The definition of Transgender is having a gender different to the one you were assigned at birth and I don’t see any reason to exclude genderqueer people from that definition, so I would think that genderqueer/non binary people are trans.



anyone who does not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth is by definition transgender. genderqueer and nonbinary people are recognized by medical and psychological organizations internationally, and they have been included in the World Professional Organization for Transgender Health Standards of Care as of 2011. 10% of trans people receiving gender-related medical treatment identify as nonbinary. there is no question that genderqueer/agender people are transgender and a part of the trans community. 



some cute outfits (they/them)

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Special design to hold a sanitary napkin in place. Therefore, no need to worry about it slipping out of place during menstruation. Has a swelling in the crotch as a fake male genitalia. Feel more comfortable in a gym or when you receive a massage.Here comes new underwear finally designed for FtM.

※ an artificial genital (included)

1.Pocket in the middle to insert artificial genital.

2.Elastic strap to hold sanitary napkin.

3.Sanitary can be firmly held. No slipping out.